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Seth on Web 2.0 – Where it fits


Seth Godin is arguably the world’s number one marketing guru. The author of a dozen top-selling marketing books and a respected business entrepreneur.When it comes to Web in marketing, his perspectives are always the best.

Here he outlines how the web has developed as a marketing medium and where it’s going. His most popular bestseller is entitled Permission Marketing.

One thoughtful article in his book ‘Small is the new Big’ was on web design and web designers. This extract discusses the ‘next generation’ of web designer. His/her sales pitch to clients would not focus just on a wondrous design aspects, but on the following:

“… I will work with you to build a four-page engine of revenue. You (the client) load it up with a targeted traffic that you buy by regularly trying and testing adwords and other relevant, measurable data. Then I will regularly, constantly tweak (or redesign) the four-page site to turn those strangers into friends.”

[Seth continues] – The thing is, it’s probably cheaper to constantly measure and evolve and redesign a four-page offer site than it is to do the annual four-hundred-page website overhaul. And there’s no question it’s more effective.

It takes patience. It takes a lack of ego. It takes a willingness to be creative and to try new stuff, to measure what works, and to do it again and again.

Still confused by Web 2.0?

Your local web ‘expert’ likely can’t explain Web 2.0 as well as the girl below.



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  1. Interesting. They never taught us this at web design school!

    Posted by Bryan | October 14, 2008, 2:24 pm

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