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Websites must be Fast, Friendly & Relevant

failWe spend any spare time repairing websites for others and see a lot of common problems. Hear a lot of concerns site owners have. Inevitably there are various technical issues around site speed and/or security. Traffic or the lack of it is the other, or how ‘Google-friendly’ the site structure is technically, speed and how relevant the content is – If it is a good match for what people are searching for online.

The problem is, when sites are built with a web designer and business owner working closely together, a websites appearance, message and maybe usability are the prime objectives. The site is but an online brochure, no more, no less. SEO is magically covered by adding me some meta descriptions, which does nothing to help Google rankings. Hosting is all about getting the best possible deal.

The seeds for failure have been sown…

So, what’s missing? Why do sites fail?

1. Does the content match what people are searching for?

2. Is it truly ‘Google-friendly’ with good structure and coding?

3. Are there any lead capture tools and marketing budget?

4. Last but not least, is the site as fast as it can be?

A_Faster_WebsiteWebsite speed is typically overlooked in the drive to save money on good coding and hosting. Yet fast sites retain users better, make more money and rank higher in search results. Read more..

Sadly, the assumption when sites are built, that if it looks nice visually with good branding and message, it will work in a business sense – Just like those old printed brochures or a TV ad. Issues around relevancy, lead capture, high performance and SEO are overlooked… Please don’t make the same mistake.

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One Response to “Websites must be Fast, Friendly & Relevant”

  1. My designer kept telling me my smart looking site was fine and she did some seo work too. But after six months, thousands of dollars and little traffic, I feel betrayed and annoyed. Seems I’m not alone.

    Posted by Brian | January 30, 2015, 7:00 pm

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