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WordPress and WordCamps on the Rise

Wordpress.pngWordPress is a big force when it comes to online. The dominant website application software that runs over 20% of all new websites worldwide and growing every year. Sites build by both novices as well as expert developers and coders. It’s a platform for the people, easy to establish, low in cost and simple to update are the key benefits. Most hosting platforms provide tools to setup a WordPress instance in just minutes and developers have provided them thousands of themes to change the look and countless plugins to add features from shopping carts, sliders, galleries, through to online learning options.

But this immense popularity has generated interest from nasty spammers and bots too, often taking down or corrupting WordPress sites, targeting those sites [usually] built by amateurs who are naturally focused upon the visuals and content, not the complex hosting, security or coding aspects.

WordCamps – Come to learn, share and grow

WC-493x315The trick for newcomers is to learn the tricks needed to make it all work well and reliably. One method is to just hire a expert coder to help out as needed.

The other popular method for new and seasoned users have to keep up to date is through WordCamps, being annual weekend educational events in the world’s major cities where developers and users come together to learn and share their experiences and expertise.

Last year no WordCamps were run in NZ so this this year two have been arranged, one in Wellington on 15th May and the Auckland event expected in late July. Auckland WordCamp is looking for speakers so it’s a good time to get involved there. For those in or around Wellington, you can signup to attend their event now. Visit: